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Charging And Remission


There are no funds held centrally to cover any costs arising from school charging and remission policies. This model therefore is guidance based on previous guidance amended as a result of the new regulations for music tuition.

Music Tuition (Instrumental and Vocal)

Boarding And Lodging

Where a school activity requires pupils to spend nights away from home the school will make a charge to cover board and lodging costs whether or not the residential trip is deemed to have taken place in school hours.

Costs of Residential Visits

Charges will only be made for the costs if they are largely out of school time and are not required by the National Curriculum, the syllabus for a public examination or for statutory religious education purposes. However, parents/carers may be asked to make
voluntary contributions* based on the actual costs of the visits. However, if insufficient funds are collected, the school may have to cancel a residential visit.

Subsidies for Water Park

The governors have authorized that the Headteacher may consider individual subsidies on a case by case basis dependent on individual circumstances, including free school meals.

The subsidies will be drawn from the Governing Body Fund.

Charging for Finished Products

A charge may be levied to cover the costs of materials/ingredients for subjects such as design or food technology where parents/carers have indicated in advance that they would like their child to bring home the finished product.

Public Examinations

Charges will be levied as follows:

  • the examination is on the set list but the pupil was not prepared for it at the school;
  • the examination is not on the set list but the school arranges for the pupil to take it;
  • a pupil fails without good reason to complete the requirements of any public examination where the governo9ng body originally paid or agreed to pay the entry fee.

A charge will also be made for tuition and other costs if a pupil is prepared outside school hours for an examination that is not set out in regulations.

Non Residential Visits

Charges will be levied where the activities are provided wholly or mainly outside of school hours** and where they are not a necessary part of the National Curriculum or syllabus for an approved examination or religious education. The charges will include

  • travel cost
  • materials, books, instruments, and any other equipment
  • any additional staff costs
  • entrance fees to facilities
  • insurance costs

* Although schools may not charge for school time activities apart from music tuition as above, they can invite parents to make voluntary contributions. It must be made clear though that payment is purely on a voluntary basis and that the children of those who do not pay will not be treated any differently to those that do.

The Headteacher is authorized by the Governing Body to subsidize non-residential visits from the delegated budget.
** The following examples may assist schools in determining if a trip is either largely in or out of school time:

Pupils are away from school from noon on Wednesday to 9pm on Sunday. This counts as nine half days and includes five school sessions and therefore the trip is deemed to have taken place in school time.

Pupils are away from school from noon on Thursday until 9pm on Sunday. This equates to seven half days including 3 school sessions and is therefore deemed to have takenplace outside school time.

The above calculations take into account regulations that require school days to be divided into two sessions. A half day means any period of twelve hours ending with noon or midnight on any day. Therefore even though the above trips continued well into
the evening on the day of return they do not contain more than two sessions.

Use Of Transport

At times the use of transport is required to support the attendance of a visit/event without a charge or voluntary contribution being made. The governors have authorized that the Headteacher will subsidize the costs incurred from the delegated budget.

To be reviewed annually 

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