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Religious Education

Our RE policy sets out the rationale, purposes and the time spent in the RE teaching at St Peter’s.  Please also see our Class Act of Worship policy.

Other Faiths

In the Autumn Term, all classes make a study of Judaism. They will find out about the beliefs and practices of our Jewish brothers and sisters. Junior children engage in a programme of visits to the Synogogue and Mosque to enhance their understanding of our Other Faith programme as part of our RE. Children will learn about:

R Hannuakkah

Yr 1 Abraham and Moses

Yr 2 Shabbat

Yr 3 Synagogue

Yr 4 Torah

Yr 5 Passover

Yr 6 Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur

In the Spring Term, all classes make a study of Islam. Children will learn about:

Early Years - Special days/ Ritual objects

Year 1 - Stories

Year 2 - Prayer/home

Year 3 - Places for worship

Year 4 - Holy Books

Year 5 - Beliefs and festivals

Year 6 - Belonging & Values


Come and See Overview

We use the ‘Come and See’ scheme of work for RE. Please see an overview of the programme that is planned for across the school year.

Children at St Peter’s make outstanding progress in RE.

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