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Water Park LIVE 2018!


Below are entries from our live blog, followed by our photo journal of this week. Please keep checking back this week to see and additions. The daily journal and photos will be added between 11pm and 12pm each evening. Blog entries may appear more frequently.


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Daily Journal


We arrived safely, and the children were very excited to start the afternoon’s activities. The children were very surprised to be getting into wet suits and water proofs so soon after stepping off the coach and were enthusiastic about taking part in a variety of water sports across Coniston water.

Wetherlam took the opportunity to take a challenging kayaking trip around Coniston water. The wind did not hold them back! Brown Pike enjoyed the thrill of canoeing in the blustering conditions and played lots of competitive games. Coniston had a fantastic time getting to grips with sailing the catamarans and racing across the water. Swirl Howl team the kayaking experience and even managed to paddle backwards and do 360 turns!

After dinner the children chose between orienteering or watching the England vs Tunisia match, both groups were satisfied with the results.


Coniston group is: Michael, Michael, Lewis, Juanita, Connie, Amy, and Emily. 

Brown Pike

Brown Pike group is: Fred, Niall, Daniel, Seren, Eryn, Anna and Tallulah


Wetherlam group is: Maria, William, William, Lucy, Ashlee, Hannah and Joseph

Swirl How

Swirl How group is: Mya, Cassie, Corina, Leo, Thomas, Joseph and Archie



Coniston started by canoeing over Coniston Water to a sheltered stretch to practise their skills. They then competed against each other in chasing and ball games. 

During the afternoon, they climbed up Church Beck for their Ghyll Scrambling, taking many opportunities to jump in and swim across deep pools. 

Later on, they did some work on Low Ropes before finishing for the day with orienteering. Well done Coniston!

Brown Pike

After a hearty cooked breakfast and the joys of the children’s sandwich making, Brown Pike set sail on Coniston Water. We learnt how to sail against the wind by tacking across the water and only 3 of the group fell in ‘accidentally.’ In the afternoon we scrambled up the ghyll enjoying the pools waterfalls and keeping our balance over the boulders. We had fun finding out how much water we had collected in our wellies.


Wetherlam’s first challenge of the day was clearing the breakfast things and doing the washing up and it proved a success!  Teamwork was the order of the day as their next challenge was scrambling up Church Beck’s Ghyll, they definitely succeeded in this skill! In the afternoon we canoed a mile to Peel Island where we played Hide and Seek and Sardines.

Swirl How

Swirl Howl took the plunge first thing in the morning to experience the ghyll’s delights. The team showed great resilience in ​traveling up the ghyll. Canoeing was great fun in the afternoon, playing races, games and learning how to paddle with their partner.



It was back in October that Year 6 worked on 6-figure grid references, but Coniston Group still remembered and made use of these skills as they completed their Journey Day, which included traveling through a quarry and mined tunnels. They have kept the maps and charts they completed as souvenirs. Their day finished back at the Water Park identifying cleverly disguised pictures of parts of the House and grounds. 

Swirl How

In the morning the team showed their excellent climbing skills on the indoor climbing wall. All children managed to reach the top of the wall and were also very skilled at controlling the ropes to support their team members. The children were also set challenges which they succeeded in 😊

Swirl How set sail on Coniston Water in the afternoon and Miss Griffin was very impressed with the children’s steering and control of their fun boats (not Miss Griffin as she fell in the water) which the children did find very amusing! The children’s reward for a great sailing session was to jump off the jetty 😊


Wetherlam spent the morning sailing and experienced the sporadic windspeed of the local Coniston area. Speeding at a rate of knots and other times becalmed... Their patience was rewarded with a great sailing session. 

In the afternoon, after a short canoeing trip across the water, the children were challenged with a climb up a crag under the expert instructions of Alex and Eddie.


Brown Pike

Brown Pike’s Journey day consisted of walking 8K on low land fells around Coniston. We scrambled up Boulder’s Valley to reach Lever’s Reservoir and had to shelter from the blustering wind to have lunch. Mrs. Waterfield was very impressed with the children’s stamina and perseverance. The afternoon was spent on low ropes thoroughly enjoying the demands of balancing and coordination. 


We have completed our last full day. The pictures published here represent a small quantity of those that have been taken. The children will have the opportunity over the next couple of weeks to bring in a memory stick and copy all of the photos of themselves to keep as mementos of their week in the Lake District. 

Brown Pike

Brown Pike were aiming high today as they  climbed the Tree of Terror surprise. They took turns in managing the ropes and particularly enjoyed absailing down from a great height. The only fitting task to come after that was a new activity called 'The Leap of Faith' which involved climbing high onto a platform and jumping off whilst trying to hit the target. 

The children just loved the afternoon activities on Coniston Water and counted it as one of their favourite days. They kayaked and paddle boarded and had no end of fun capsising themselves and others. smiley

Swirl How

We enjoyed our minibus treck to begin our lowland fell hike. The children mastered the skills of map reading and plotted our course to Cathedral Quarry (which can be seen in the film Snow White and the Huntsman). 

On our journey, the children were struck by the stunning views and the wildlife we encountered including blue dragonflies. 

The children were eager to explore the Quarry and enjoyed challenging themselves to walk in pitch black tunnels. After the visit to the Quarry, the children hiked back to the minibus and were treated to an ice cream which was fully deserved. 


Coniston was one of the groups who had the privilege of meeting, Eric Wright, the owner of Water Park and talked to him about what they were going to do today.

Their first activity was to canoe across Coniston Water and carry all the equipment needed to do rock climbing on a crag over the other side of the lake. 

All seven of the group successfully completed two ascents, some at lightning speed.

During the afternoon, they took part in kayaking, after their capsize drills. Never have capsizes been executed with such style! They played various games and concluded by ambushing Mr. Hooton, who did not stand a chance of staying dry - a very busy last full day.

The evening was spent with a mix of talent spots and dancing - including some bizarre appearances by the teachers. We're going home tomorrow!


It was quite an achievement that our group managed to climb the Old Man of Coniston - all 803m! The conditions were perfect, stunning scenery and great comradery. 


On our last day, all of the children had a full morning of activities, working on various high rope activities, before receiving their achievement certificates during their lunchtime. We all finally headed off home on the coach. The journey was an achievement in itself, resulting in our latest ever arrival time. Hopefully, no parents were disturbed too much on Saturday morning!

Below is a selection of photos from the final day

The place we left behind...

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