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St Peter's Govenors

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The role of the St Peter's Catholic Primary School's Governing Body

The Governing Body

Chair Of Governors Mr M O'Donoghue
Foundation Governors 

Mr Mark O'Donoghue

Mr Tim Kelly

Father Dominic Hawarth




Parent Governors

Mrs Iva Ferrari

Mrs Julia Palmer

Staff Governors 

Mrs Jennifer Waterfield (Head)

Mr Ben Hetchin (Teaching)

LA Governor Mrs Gillian Hails

Governors' Parent Survey 2022

During the Summer Term 2022, the governors invited parents once again to respond to questions about their children's experiences at St Peter's. These were based on the Parent View questions referred to elsewhere in this section

Click on the link above to read the rationale, results and discussion points arising from the survey.


The Governing Body incorporates a number of committees that work towards making recommendations to the Governors as a whole.

  • Leadership & Management (Finance and Premises) Chair: Mr Tim Kelley
  • Teaching Standards (Curriculum and Pupil Related topics) Chair: Sarah Gallagher
  • Admissions Chair: Mark O'Donoghue
  • Discipline Chair: To be covered if necessary
Name Governor Type Date of Appointed Apointed by
Mark O'Donoghue Chair of Govenors 8th December 2020 Diocese of Brentwood
Michelle Johnson Parent Govenor 11th February 2022 Parents
Stuart Easton LA Govenor 3rd February 2015 Local Authority
Timothy Kelly Foundation Govenor 1st February 2020 Diocese of Brentwood
Julia Palmer Parent Govenor 3rd December 2019 Parents
Ben Hetchin Staff Govenor 3rd December 2019  School Staff
Stella Nwanemuogh Foundation Govenor 2nd September 2015 Diocese of Brentwood
Sarah Gallagher Foundatin Govenor 14th July 2019 Diocese of Brentwood
Jennifer Waterfield Staff Govenor 1st January 2005 Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher


Pecuniary Interests

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