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Water Park 2014


Year 6 Visit - March 2014

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To give you an idea of what happens while we are away, here is the photo-journal from our 2014 visit. While away, we try to update each day by 11pm each evening, with a summary of the day's activities.

Day 1 - Monday

We arrived safe and well. An afternoon of orienteering, canoeing, ropework and sailing, followed by our first evening meal. All children are happy and well, and looking forward to an action-packed week.

Swirl How

After kitting up, the group set off to the Marina to get into the voyager to explore the perimeter of Water Park. Nearly everyone managed to stay in the boat... never mind Amor. Our leader, Adi spent time taking us through the journey that the water in the lake follows, then we headed back, managing a quick race with Coniston. We also left the changing room in an immaculate state, but it's only Day 1. 



Eager to experience the lake the children rushed to get ready and set sail for Coniston Water. Whilst mastering the skills of canoeing, the children had a lesson on naming different species of birds. Needless to say it took us a while to get to Heron, Swan and Cormorant.



Having navigated the grounds successfully through orienteering Wetherlem were eager to experience the Big Cat (Catamaran). They were very excited to see Peel Island in reality and admire the views acknowledging it was much better than google earth!


Brown Pike

Brown Pike immersed themselves (not in water) but in the joys of orienteering around the grounds. For some it was a new experience that they thoroughly enjoyed and for others it was a chance to refine their skills. Having donned their helmets they enjoyed the exhilaration of the low ropes and the thrills of the zip wire. 


The day finished off with a game of 'Scrabble Scramble' followed by a celebration of Philip's birthday including cake. All is now quiet upstairs.

Day 2 - Tuesday Swirl How

Well, the weather was wet, but when you're up to your neck in a river, it doesn't really matter. The morning was spent working our way up Tibethwaite Ghyll, working as a team and encouraging each other on the way up. The climb finished with a slide down a natural water flume, and a journey through a tunnel. After drying out, we climbed through the afternoon, playing vsarious games on the indoor climbing wall; a day of ups and downs.



Today, Coniston took the challenge and scaled the dizzy heights of the climbing wall. Reaching the top of the wall was a real achievement for all! After lunch they faced the challenge of getting into wetsuits (haha). Not letting the rain hold them back, children eagerly paced up the ghyll negotiating the fast current and boulders. 



Today, Wetherlam travelled to Tilbethwaite to experience a fast flowing mountain river! They rose to the challenge of scrambling up the ghyll demonstrating fantastic team work skills. Later on in the day children used their superb canoeing skills to travel across the lake. The children were able to paddle against all that nature had to throw at them! They were extremely proud of what they had achieved.


Brown Pike

Brown Pike braved the pouring rain and driving wind and got on the lake straight after breakfast.  We rafted the canoes together and endeavoured to steer around the lake whilst playing games on the water.  After a quick hot chocolate we played a sophisticated game of hide and seek and headed back for lunch.  The highlight of the afternoon was ghyll scrambling-such an exhilarating thrill for all!


Day 3 - Wednesday

Internet problems today, hence shorter report

Brown Pike

We had our journey day today, and reached the summit of Corr Top amid strong winds and mist.


Swirl How

We were working with high ropes this morning, including abseiling down a 20m (65 foot) tree. All completed this successfully. During the afternoon, we sailed down to Peel Island, with a speed boat trip for the final part.



Today we took part in sailing, followed by the indoor climbing wall. The wind was ideal for the boats, and we ended up going a long way. The warmth of the indoor climbing area was very welcome, and we all achieved well



We had pour journey day today, which included a number of challenges, including climbing a mountain called Brock Barrow, and canoeing across Coniston Water to get back home. Everyone reached the top of the mountain, and we all enjoyed a windy journey back across the lake.


Day 4 - Thursday

Brown Pike

We began the day with the challenge of the Climbing Wall.  We were all encouraged by one another and took turns in climbing and managing the ropes.  The overhang wall was a particularly demanding physical test!  In the afternoon we took turns to steer the power boat, battling against the wind and torrential rain and finally encountered Peel Island.  We were told stories about how the island was an inspiration for a children’s adventure novel and got the chance to explore it ourselves.


Swirl How

Early on we decided that there was no point trying to stay dry today, although we did have a brief respite in the tunnels of Cathedral Quarry. This followed a trek up the side of a mountain and an abseil down into the quarry. On the way back, the adult leaders 'apparently' vanished leaving us to walk the last 2 miles by ourselves, using picture clues and maps to complete the journey. Wet factor: slightly more than Ghyll Scrambling, but it didn't matter at all!



We were excited about the prospect of our journey day so eagerly headed to Great Howl to start our mountain climbing.  The wind and rain did not stop us from reaching the summit in no time at all as we took a steep route to achieve our goal! We then walked to Cathedral Quarry for a once in a lifetime opportunity of walking in an underground tunnel in complete darkness.  We had to trust each other to support our navigation in what was described by some as ‘scary, spooky and eerie!’ To develop things further, the group were then asked to carry on to their destination through the woods on their own ( or so they thought!) using the map.  Happy to say, all succeeded with a smile on their face! 



The first event of the day was high ropes which certainly tested our resolve! We all exceeded our own personal goals and felt a huge sense of accomplishment.  After lunch we took part in a range of problem solving activities to exercise the brain as well as the body.  A power boat journey to Peel Island must have been the children’s first experience of driving and a sight to see- especially them zig-zagging across Coniston Water. 


Tonight the children relaxed, after a fashion, with a combination fo talent show, competitions and dancing. The onesie, after making a brief appearance on Monday evening, reappeared both with its owner, and, strangely in three-in-onesie mode (see below) thanks to Libby, Katie and Megan.


Day 5 - Friday

The final day; still time to cram in more activities, alongside the clearing, tidying, bed-making and sorting the changing and drying rooms. Coniston spent time on two cartamarans on the Water, while Swirl How went kayaking. Wetherlam and Brown Pike worked on high ropes and other challenges. Then, after lunch and certificates, we were on our way, leaving behind the House and beautiful scenery, but taking with us memories which will last a life-time.

Swirl How




The Final Photo

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