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Water Park 2013


Year 6 Visit April - May 2013

Below is the Journal Section for our Year 6 visit to Water Park in Cumbria in Spring 2013. While away, we try to update each day by 11pm each evening, with a summary of the day's activities.


Swirl How




Brown Pike




Day 2 - Tuesday


Having had a good night’s sleep the children woke up bright and breezy to the task of making their own packed lunch- and as indeed expected,  it proved a challenge for some.

Today, all groups had their first experience of Gyhll scrambling; an adventure activity in which the children traversed up a mountain river negotiating through rock pools and waterfalls. The instructors were impressed with their enthusiasm, teamwork and determination to overcome all the challenges they were set. The staff were delighted to see the children so exhilarated by the activity.

Swirl How

Swirl How took advantage of the glorious sunshine and practised their rock climbing skills. Mrs Waterfield was chief photographer and was pleased to see the children’s faces light up when they reached the top!


Children were split up into pairs to pilot their canoes across the vast expanse of Coniston Water, perfecting their paddling, balance and coordination skills. According to their instructor and Mr Bond we have some budding 2016 in the making- or nearly

Brown Pike

This afternoon the children had their first taste of canoeing with a difference-tying two canoes together with special knot, paddling together and engaging in other problem solving activities such as standing on one leg in the canoe! As you can imagine they tried to get as wet as they could……….


The first out of four groups to Ghyll Scramble, the group showed real teamwork and skill to travel up the river. Everything got wet, inside and out. The water level in the river decreased substantially due to the amount we took back with us in our boots. During the afternoon, the children canoed across the lake, and walked up to a crag before climbing the rock face.  They finished off by playing hunting games on the way back to the boat.


After a sumptuous dinner we played a game called Camouflage; a fast paced version of Hide and Seek and Scrabble Scramble during which the children demonstrated their vocabulary, spelling and miming abilities.  This was hugely entertaining since one the themes was a brainstorm on things associated with Essex and all such words are strictly confidential to the staff and children

Coniston Group


Swirl How Group


Brown Pike Group


Wetherlam Group


Day 3 - Wednesday


Before breakfast our packed lunch task was observed to be vastly improved. The children have now managed to wrap the sandwiches in cling film. The chocolate spread filling has proved to be a difficult task in itself.

Brown Pike

In the morning, Brown Pike made their way to the crag, where they encountered their challenge of climbing a rock face! All children succeeded in making it to the top. Miss Griffin was extremely proud of all the children as some were particularly challenged.  After lunch, children were given instructions of how to navigate and handle a sailing boat. Next the children set in off in their pairs and sailed across Coniston water.  They enjoyed playing games and manoeuvring their boat around the bays.


Imagine the scene…Wetherlam arriving at the foot of the Old Man Coniston (a mountain); perfect weather conditions. The peak some 803 metres ahead, the children set off at a brisk pace followed by Mr Bond. Suddenly, a passing shower was determined to slow our pace, but we struggled on. Conditions worsened resorting in us sheltering from a torrential wind swept rain, metres away from the summit. Did we make it? Of course we did!

Swirl How

We started the morning rigging our boats for sailing. We were pleased to have favourable conditions in which to sail. We played a game where the children had to follow the instructor, zig zagging across Coniston water reaching some good speeds. The children enjoyed getting wet and jumping off the jetty. After lunch the children explored the low ropes and adventured onto the Pole. Here, the task was to climb to the top and get themselves onto the 60cm square platform on which they then played Simon says and other thrilling activities.


We decided to do the same activity as Wetherlam, albeit via a different route. Climbing the Old Man of Coniston is not an activity the instructors choose for many groups because of its difficulty, but they decided that we were capable. Most of the day was spent in sunny weather, but the summit section proved more sobering, as we rose above cloud level into the wind and rain. Every single member of the team was observed encouraging others, and this resulted in a successful ascent, representing 10% of the height of Mount Everest.

The day concluded with “the Wellington Boot Game” which required cooperation, speed, guile, and two wellington boots. The bedrooms fell silent within 5 minutes of ‘lights out’…



Brown Pike






Day 4 - Thursday

This Morning (Sunny all Day)


Having had a mixed day of weather yesterday everyone was struck by the glorious sunshine, so everyone was excited for the day ahead. The children enjoyed their bacon and eggs and managed to get through 3 loaves of bread for toast, so they were ready to set off for their group activities by half nine.  


Wetherlam enjoyed a day of climbing crags overlooking Coniston water. We had spectacular views of the local area. In the afternoon the children suited and booted in their waterproof clothing enjoyed an afternoon of sailing,

Swirl How

A glorious day from start to finish in more ways than one. The group walked and scrambled up the Old Man Coniston Mountain with great enthusiasm and determination. They were overwhelmed by the fantastic views of Coniston water and beyond. The sight of snow gave them an unexpected opportunity for a snowball fight and sledging on their waterproofs.

Brown Pike

Brown Pike took advantage of the sunshine and headed up a mountain in great spirits and were delighted to reach the Summit. We then walked through the woods to reach our awaiting canoes. After lunch we paddled across to Peel Island, where we played a different version of Hide and Seek, known as sardines! Next we made our way back to Water Park for some orienteering- a full journey day completed!


The first activity consisted of trekking through the trees carrying our kayaks, then launching them onto the water. As soon as we had got the hang of things, we headed off down the lake towards an island. After stopping for various games, we turned around across the lake, 50 metres at its deepest, and made our way back, covering about 3 miles in total.  The afternoon found the group working with low, medium and high ropes, including climbing a 60 foot tree before abseiling down; all were successful.

Evening activity

Well…..Disco, Talent show and Quiz all in one go! Children had a lovely time together and the staff were well entertained. At the end, the children disappeared up the stairs doing the ‘Conga’, presumably not all into the same bedroom…Final packing up in readiness for tomorrow’s departure.


The instructors have been extremely complimentary about the children’s attitudes, abilities, behaviour, enthusiasm and politeness during the week.

Mr Bond, Mrs Waterfield, Mrs Vaughan, Mr Hooton and Miss Griffin are indeed proud of every child and believe they are a credit to their school and their families. 

Swirl How




Brown Pike




Day 5 - Friday


The final day...everyone up by 7.00pm for the rush to be packed, ready for the morning's activities. Everything has to be sorted by breakfast-time, including the evaporaton of clothes from the drying room and dealing with beds that refuse to make themsleves. The instructors are determined to squeeze as much as they can into the final day. Swirl How canoe over a mile to Peel Island, while Coniston tackle strengthening winds while sailing across the lake. Wetherlam accept the challenge of the 60 foot tree climb and abseil, leaving brown Pike working on various rope and climbing activities. We then gather for our goodbyes; a blend of satisfaction and sadness, as the children receive their certificates and their group instructors wish them farewell. The coach pulls away for the long journey, passing along the narrow country lanes, rich in colour and wildlife. The children leave behind the house in idylic surroundings but take with them memories and a growing self-esteem...the reason we go there...the reason we do it...

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