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Water Park 2012


Below is a record of our Year 6 visit to Water Park in Cumbria in Spring 2012.


Journal - Year 6 Visit - 16th - 20th April 2012 - Day 1

The children have all arrived safely and have finished their first set of afternoon activities. 

We had a flawless journey up where everyone enjoyed not one but two movies! We stopped briefly half way through the journey where the children had a quick bite.

Ariving at about half two we were quick to settle in. The children were excited to find out who they would be working and boarding with for the week. Once we had our bags in our rooms and separated into groups it was straight out to start on some orienteering and work on the low ropes. Everyone had such fun with the activities (In particular the low ropes where there was a few wobbles from a couple of the teachers!)

After the activities we headed back to our rooms to unpack. We then sat down to an enormous meal of pizza, salad and spicy wedges which were thoroughly enjoyed. The meal was topped of by a jam doughnut competition resulting in sugar and jam all over everyone's faces!

The group are just heading out now for our night time team building activities where I'm sure they will be having more fun.

Tomorrow's update is scheduled to be up for around half seven so be sure to check in!


Tuesday 17th April

After last night's post the children enjoyed a night time activity of 'The Wellington cup' where competitiveness ran high. (Even among the teachers!) After which the children came back into the Water Park house to pop into their pyjamas and dressing gowns before tucking into some gorgeous hot chocolate. Bedtime followed with no chatter to be heard after half ten due to the long day that was had. (Which the teachers were glad for.)

Day two kicked off to an early start with everyone make their sandwiches for their lunches.  (Although the stock of chocolate spread is plentiful it seemed as though some were simply aiming for the bottom of the jars!)

After lunch the children returned to their rooms to do some last minute tidying and packing for the day. Once everyone was ready we returned to the dining room for an enormous breakfast, to start the day off right. We enjoyed a multitude of cereals, toast and even some bacon butties!

With full bellies the class split into their groups to begin on the days activities. The groups of between seven/eight had a range of activities throughout the day.

To start with Mrs Parker's group paddled out to an island in lake Coniston where they enjoyed some orienteering and a large game of hide and seek! Mr Bond's group carried out some team building exercises and some work on the low ropes. Mrs Griffen's group enjoyed some kayaking (With no capsizes!) And finally Mr Cronin's group enjoyed some tree climbing and abseiling.

Everyone also had the chance to enjoy Ghyll Scrambling (Gorge Walking) at different stages throughout the day. This involved about seven layers of clothing, including fleeces, waterproof suits, wetsuits, helmets and lifejackets, a fast flowing river and a lot of fun! Those who chose to had the opportunity to slide down the rocks into plunge pools and enjoy a 'mountain shower' under the waterfalls (Don't worry this did not suffice as a shower for the day!)

We have just finished a beautiful dinner of bangers and mash which all children enjoyed followed by some apple crumble and cream. Tonight’s activity is called 'Alien Hunters', check back in tomorrow around the same time  (7:30pm) to see what fun the games and tomorrow's activities bring!


Wednesday 18th April

Another great evening was had last night to wind down yesterday's activities. The class used the orienteering skills that they have picked up to navigate through the grounds and find twenty alien heads hiding in some very obscure places. The activity was again followed by everyone changing into their pyjamas and enjoying some hot chocolate before going to bed to be ready for the adventure that was today!

Today again started with making their lunches and everyone tucked into a breakfast of toasted crumpets, cereal, toast and juice. We split back into our groups and discovered what adventures the day would bring.

Mr Bond's group started the day off with some abseiling where all the children were hoisted by the rest of their team to the top of some high trees before making a safe return back down to earth. After lunch they headed out on the lake in kayaks and practised their steering skills on the choppy water. 

Miss Griffin's group started the day off with some sailing in the 'fun boats' and were lucky enough to experience controlling and sailing the boats completely independently without anyone capsizing! After lunch they climbed some high ropes in a similar to Mr Bond's group.

Mrs Parker's group had their 'Journey Day' today and were driven by minibus away from the centre to a far off location. From there they worked together to make their way back over mountains, hills and rivers to the centre using a few different maps of the area. The sights from the top of some of the mountains were too much for some and a few stumbles led to some red faces and giggles.

Mr Cronin's group had a big today. We started off at the centre where we hopped into a paddleboat and paddled over a mile to a nearby island. We had a few games of hide and seek before our leader gathered us around to talk about some of the rare wildlife that live there. After this we hopped back in our paddleboat and navigated ourselves across the choppy lake to a nearby bank where we docked and headed into the forest. We stopped for some lunch and a few more games before the group was left to navigate their way back to the centre. Again the children worked independently to find their way back to the centre over mountains and rivers using just a few maps. They stopping a few times to enjoy the views and drink some hot chocolate.

At quarter to five the groups came back for the centre for showers and a full roast dinner followed by multiple bowls of jelly and ice cream. We are just about to begin our evening activity entitled 'Scrabble Scramble' which should bring some more excitement and laughs.

We will have another jam packed day tomorrow so be sure to check in around the same time for an update!


Thursday 19th April

Another brilliant day has been had here by year six of St Peters! The day started with a similar routine to of making some sandwiches, followed by a breakfast of cereals, juices, toast and as a special treat beans and sausages. Again meeting just after nine we met to split into our groups and find out what excitement would be had today.

Miss Griffin's group had their 'Journey Day' and started their day by travelling by minibus five miles and hiking back using only a few small maps. They faced some tough patches coming over a mountain where they had a chance to experience some 'Rock Scrambling'. All arrived safely back to the centre at around three O'clock where they finished their day off by climbing a sixty-foot tree and abseiling back down!

Mr Bond's group started their 'Journey Day' off in a different way. The group travelled up the mountain behind the centre and trekked across its peaks. The going was tough but the tough got going! They then headed back down through the forests to a marina where they paddled in a canoe stopping at a nearby island to play a few games. The then paddled across the lake for over a mile back to the centre. Team work played a crucial part at this point as they navigated across the choppy water.

Mrs Parker's group started the day off with a run at the park's indoor climbing wall. All of their children put their best foot forward and made their best efforts to reach the top of the wall. The group then had lunch in the centre before heading down to the lake to spend the afternoon learning to sail. The group worked well in pairs to navigate the boats around the lake.

Mr Cronin's group began the day by heading down to the park's marina where they rigged up the boats for the day's sailing. Hopping on board the children navigated around the harbour before playing 'Follow the leader' with the safety boat. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. (Even the members on one pair who managed an unscheduled dip into the water!) The group had lunch and then had the chance to experience some climbing and abseiling. Again all children of the group worked well to encourage one another to take that extra step and many by the end were performing jumping jacks on platforms they had reached! The children had the chance then to abseil to the ground safely.

For dinner the children enjoyed some homemade burgers and chips followed by sponge and custard. A highly competitive talent show has been organised for tonight followed by a disco.

Tomorrow will start with some final packing and cleaning before setting off on some final activities. We are scheduled to be picked up by the bus at one o'clock. On the bus back we will contact St Peters and this page will be updated with an estimated time of arrival, so be sure to check in!


Friday 20th April

One final quick update. The bags are being loaded as I type and we shall be heading off shortly. It has been a great trip. (Expect plenty of news soon.)

All the best

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